The Republic of Yemen is an Arab country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. One of the Arab world's poorest countries, Yemen has been caught up in a war since March 2015. The conflict is between forces loyal to President Abdrabnuh Mansour Hadi, whose government is recognized internationally, and people aligned with the Houthi rebel movement. Air strikes by a multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia have been responsible for most of the 6,800 deaths and 35,000 injuries. (Source: BBC)

Trump's first military action as president was to authorize strikes by drones, something Obama was criticized for doing. Over the weekend following Trump's inauguration, 75 people were killed in fighting in Yemen, some in drone strikes Trump authorized. The United States did not take responsibility for the drone strikes, as had been standard policy. Drone strikes are controversial in part because little congressional oversight is required. Human rights activists also fear civilian casualties are underreported.