Native Americans

Trump has a documented history of opposition to Native American interests, and Trump's advisors have declared their intention to put federally owned tribal lands into the hands of private ownership.



  • 2016.06.29 "Trump's Casual Racism Toward Native Americans" (CNN)
    "At a time when we fight to be recognized as neighbors and contemporary professionals and not stereotypes, the last thing we need is to be fodder for a businessman with a documented history of attacking Native Americans."
  • 2016.12.06 "Will the Trump Years Benefit Native American Tribes? The Answer Will (Not) Shock You" (Esquire)
    "It should come as no surprise to anyone, and especially not to the people who were sent to live on the land in the first place, but the money power seems to have plans for Native American lands that do not involve sovereignty or anything like it, and that go far beyond pipeline products."