Trump has strong and documented biases against Muslims. His senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway, ran a polling firm that took on a client who believed that Obama was a secret Muslim and that Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin was a secret Muslim operative. Neither assertion is true.

During the campaign, Trump attacked a Gold Star family, the parents of a Muslim U.S. Army officer killed in Iraq, suggesting the soldier's mother had not been permitted to speak. He also did not rule out a Muslim registry, surveillance in heavily Muslim neighborhoods, and a temporary but open-ended immigration freeze on Muslim immigration.

"But what I want is a watch list. I want surveillance programs. Obviously, there are a lot of problems. … But, certainly, I would want to have a database for the refugees, for the Syrian refugees that are coming in because nobody knows where they're coming from," he said. (Source: Politifact)

This page will track statements and actions regarding Muslims made by Trump, his appointees, and his supporters.

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  • 2015.11.21 "Donald Trump's Horrifying Words About Muslims" (CNN)
    "Donald Trump's words on Thursday detailing the revolting measures he's open to imposing on Muslim-Americans literally sent a shudder down my spine."
  • 2016.12.30 "What U.S. Muslims Fear From Trump" (Washington Post)
    "People like me — ordinary Americans with Muslim names and ancestry from Muslim-majority countries — fear being put on a watchlist, barred entry into the United States, even banned because of who we are."
  • 2016.11.15 "Can the Muslim American Family Survive Trump?" (Al Jazeera)
     "Over the course of the week, my daughter would ask if we were going to be banned from the country, pleading after my every reassurance, 'But how do you know?'"
  • 2016.11.22 "Why Trump Terrifies American Muslims" (Fortune)
    "Members of President-elect Trump’s transition team and cabinet selections have said horrifying things about Islam and Muslims, grounded in pure racism and xenophobia." 
  • 2016.11.22 "Donald Trump and the Rise of Anti-Muslim Violence" (The Atlantic)
    "The irony of Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is that the candidate who promises to be tough on terror may be making America not only less safe for American Muslims, but for all Americans."