Mexican Americans



  • 2016.06.02 The Atlantic's David Graham says Trump's criticism of Judge Gonzalo Curiel is troubling on multiple levels. (The Atlantic) 
    "As my colleague Peter Beinart, among other observers, has pointed out, Trump’s demand that an unblemished judge step down from the case amounts to an attack on the independence of the American judiciary." 
  • 2016.06.08 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and former U.S. Commission on Civil Rights chairman Cruz Reynoso says "Trump's attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel poison the social compact of America." (Washington Post)
    "Never has a dissent been based on the ethnicity of disagreeing justices, nor should it be so. Were that true, as Trump asserts, our judicial system would, in effect, be destroyed." 
  • 2016.07.21 The Chicago Sun-Times's Marlen Garcia says Trump is "all in" on anti-Mexican prejudice. (Chicago Sun-Times)
    "This only served as a stark reminder that instead of backing off prejudiced remarks he made in June 2015 about Mexicans in America being rapists and engaging in criminal activities, Trump stayed all in."
  • 2016.09.20 "Trump and the Truth: The 'Mexican' Judge" (The New Yorker)
    "Who gets to be an American? Not Curiel, according to Trump, because ‘he’s a Mexican.’ And then Trump took it one step further, implying that Curiel, being a Mexican, was incapable of doing his job."