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This area explores the foreign policies of the Trump administration.

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In an opinion piece for Politico published on less than a month into the Trump Administration, Jon Fine makes the case that there is no coherent foreign policy doctrine guiding the Administration's actions abroad. He details the confusing and contradictory statements coming from the Administration on Iran, Russia, Israel, China, Japan, and Syria. Fine suggests two possible reasons for the lack of a coherent approach:

In almost any other administration, much of the work of establishing basic foreign policy views would have been done already—not in the first month in office, but long before that, through working groups of policy experts convened by the campaign. The Trump campaign didn’t bother with that, either because they didn’t think it would help them win (which is probably true) or because they assumed that in the unlikely event of a victory they would quickly catch up (which was false).

Fine concludes:

The world will not wait until we get our act together. Left to their own guesswork, adversaries and allies can easily miscalculate the strength of our support or opposition. And other nations—friends like Germany, but also competitors like China—will move to fill any vacuum left by the confusion over America’s basic approach.

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