• 2016.07.21 "How a Trump presidency could destabilize Europe" (Washington Post)
    "It’s hard to explain just how remarkable Trump’s words sound to Europeans who have believed in American values and the security guarantee that backed them. It’s also difficult to overstate how dangerous they are."
  • 2016.11.10 "For Europe, Trump's Election is a Terrifying Disaster" (New York Times)
    "No one in Europe truly believed Americans would elect someone who seems so obviously unfit to lead the most powerful nation in the world. And yet, that is precisely what has happened, and now, across the Continent, people are trying to figure out what this will mean. Many fear that Donald J. Trump’s election might mean the end of the West as we know it." 
  • 2016.12.06 "How Will Donald Trump Handle Europe's Populist Right?" (The Atlantic)
    “'What we are witnessing is a political threat to the post-World War II order created by Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill, and [German Chancellor Konrad] Adenauer to find a way to cooperate in Europe and trans-Atlantically,' said Ivo Daalder, the former permanent representative to NATO for President Obama."