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If you are just learning about Presterity, please visit our home page to understand the nature of the project.

Thank you for your interested in contributing your technical skills to this endeavor! If you have experience with the Twitter Streaming API, the Twitter REST APIs, the Confluence REST API, AWS, Heroku, Node.js, or Python apps that integrate with REST APIs in general, we need your help now! In the future, we will have more projects and need more developers, so if you are interested but have a different skill set or can't help right away, we still want to hear from you. We hope you understand that we may not be able to get back to everyone who volunteers. We do very much appreciate your willingness to help.

The mission

The mission of the Presterity Dev Team is to provide whatever platforms, processes and tools are needed to support the mission of the project: "to document the Trump phenomenon, and ideally, limit the damage that can be caused by this unprecedented assault on facts, civil liberties, civil rights, and norms of public and political behavior." The customers of the dev team are the content contributors.

Project #1: Presterity website

Our first project is the initial website and its backing wiki. Content is entered in the wiki and published to the website on demand. The wiki software is Confluence, and it is hosted by Atlassian. The website is written in Node.js, and it is hosted by Heroku. The wiki and website are both up and running, but there is still work to be done.As we scale, the website may need optimization, and there are more features we would like to build. Also, even simple systems run into problems and need support, so if you have experience with Confluence, wikis in general, websites or apps hosted on Heroku, we'd love to have you on board! 

Development philosophy

  • We strive to build the simplest tool that does the job.
  • We use existing, well-supported and well-understood technologies whenever possible.
  • We write code with the expectation that others will end up building on and maintaining it.

Anticipated projects

Our intent is to maintain a list of well-defined, clearly-scoped projects that an individual or small group of developers can take on and deliver in phases. Different projects will have different priorities, so that you can find something that fits your schedule. We have a lot of project ideas, mostly having to do with collecting, archiving, monitoring, organizing, analyzing and presenting data. 

We are also interested in hearing your ideas for other projects that would help out our contributors or readers. If you are interested in doing something with technologies other than those that we are currently using, the best approach may be for you to develop your project independently and then for Presterity to present your work as an affinity project.

Project #2: Presterity twitter listener

Our next planned project is an offline tool that collects tweets to @presterity and makes them easily accessible by content volunteers for incorporation into wiki pages. Planned implementation is a Python tool using the Twitter Streams API and the Confluence REST API.

Project #3: Presterity bookmark data store

Members of the public use a third-party bookmarking service to share relevant content from the web with PresterityThe website builds the timeline section of each topic page by querying this external service. To buffer ourselves from any problems with this service that might affect the website, we are building our own bookmark data store and query API for the website. Initially this data store will be populated from the same external service that we are currently using, but it will provide a layer of indirection. In the future, it will make it easy to add new sources of bookmarks. Planned implementation is Postgres data store and Python REST service using Flask, hosted on Heroku.

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