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Thank you for considering to contribute your time to this group effort! Given the size of the challenge, we think a collective response is the only way to meet it. We ask all volunteers to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Below are our most pressing needs, but if there's some other way you'd like to contribute, please get in touch. You can also contribute by simply submitting news about the Trump administration to the project.

Writers, researchers, and journalists

If you're a published writer or journalist, please sign up and indicate your experience. Some of the most useful project contributions are likely to come from writers that can follow a particular story or topic as it develops over time. If there's a page on the site that interests you, or a page that doesn't exist yet that you think should, please indicate that when you sign up.

For members of the general public without a body of work we can easily review, we welcome you to begin volunteering by submitting news to Presterity. This will give both of us a chance to know each other before you sign up.

Proofreaders and editors

Proofreaders and editors review the steady incoming stream of news and writing, help shape the Presterity reference into a coherent whole, and identify stories or topics that warrant deeper investigation or coverage.

Please indicate your experience when you sign up.

Volunteer organizers

We think this project will appeal to many people, and we need you to help find those volunteers, train them, and help them find a role on the project.


See the Development volunteers page for more details.


A volunteer army will need help straightening out any problems they run into working in our project wiki. If you have experience working in customer support, we need you.

Legal support

A project like this will inevitably attract unwanted attention, and we're looking for lawyers who can volunteer time to help us protect ourselves and handle situations as they develop.