To our readers:

After two years of following our mission — documenting the corruption and falsehoods of the Trump administration daily  we stopped updating this website at the end of 2018.

We hope you enjoyed Presterity as much as we enjoyed creating it. We loved hearing feedback from you, and your voices were comforting during a precarious time in our country’s history.  We made the decision to stop active work on the site for several reasons:

  • First, we were encouraged that key democratic institutions (the press, the judicial branch) did not break or completely bend to the will of this administration during its first two years.
  • Second, in January 2019, the House of Representatives made it clear that they would try to hold the Trump administration accountable for its actions, restoring checks and balances to our democracy.
  • Third, several other excellent resources online continue to track this administration, including Daniel Dale's Trump Checks at the Toronto Star, the Washington Post’s Fact Checker, and WTFJHT.

While we very much enjoyed building and contributing to Presterity, we ultimately decided we could best help “The Resistance” in other ways.

We want to thank everyone who contributed, developed, designed, tweeted at us, or even just visited the site. We genuinely hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Thank you.

This is a collectively authored reference site about the Donald Trump administration.

This work is produced by a partnership of concerned citizens, journalists, politicians, and watchdog organizations. Our mission is to document the Trump phenomenon, and ideally, limit the damage that can be caused by this unprecedented assault on facts, civil liberties, civil rights, and norms of public and political behavior. Read more about this project.

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